As a business leader…

Your role demands great strength and endurance. Without recovery periods, maintaining high levels of performance is extremely difficult in the long run. Functioning at your best requires a new rhythm. So you can pause and reflect to gain deeper clarity at the right moments, and re-enter the race with confidence, passion and purpose.

Who We Are

Gavin Shaskolsky Inc (GSI) offers Virtual Coaching and Leadership Development to business executives around the globe. Our team is a carefully-vetted selection of world-class coaches with extensive international accreditation and experience. 

How We Work

We create bespoke leadership experiences tailored to every individual, team or organisation. We’ll help you summit the “mountain” in your life guiding you along a path that’s right for you. Our role is to guide you to discover the solutions that are inherently within yourself. So that you can navigate complex ecosystems with greater clarity, deeper purpose and sustainable impact. Every individual’s journey is curated from end to end, seamlessly, to meet you where you are and accelerate your journey in getting to where you want to go.



CoachingPromoting effective leadership behaviours that result in sustainable high impact business performance and enduring long-term results.


Facilitating conversations among key leaders and teams by creating ‘thinking environments’ for collective creativity, enhanced relationships and the promotion of constructive feedback channels and deeper engagement.

Team/Group Coaching

Engaging structured learning conversations to facilitate developmental and business challenges, and build practical plans for moving forward.

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