Getting in the zone is a phrase that we hear a lot in the sporting world-its about becoming focused, clear, being in the moment and generating energy that results in impact.

Why don’t we apply the same principles in our leadership, businesses and lives?

A simple daily practice with multiplier impact is available yet we chose to jump into our days without thinking, prioritising or being clear.

One simple method to achieve this, is to set aside 5-10 minutes daily to journal and get in the zone. If you think you don’t have time, consider how much time you spend (read as waste) on email, facebook, twitter, news feeds, without any clear outcome or priority in mind. Jeff Weiner, the CEO of Linkedin, who has the right to be super busy all day, says he sets aside 90-120 minutes daily to journal. Research has also shown that putting pen to paper and stepping away from our screens, boosts the brains ability to reflect, process and find patterns to enable sustainable behaviour shifts.

I’ve coached 1000’s of people over the past 15+ years and one key practice that accelerates results and sustains their energy, performance and impact beyond the coaching its journaling, even if it’s once a week.

So, here are a few questions to help you get in the zone daily. I’d encourage you to respond to all the questions, but if you prefer to start with 2-3 questions that’s ok. You can then add questions as you go along.

1. What am I grateful for having/achieving?

2. What are my intentions for today?

3. What mood and emotional mind state do I want to have today?

4. What are the three things that I want to prioritise today?

5. What are my key actions for today?

6. What are the potential obstacles to watch out for today?

7. Who can I appreciate and acknowledge today?

8. What is the one thing I want to focus on?

Experiment for a week or two-once you see and experience the results you too will find getting in the zone is a key to unlocking your focus, clarity and energy every day.

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