Saying yes too much leads to overwhelm, stress and exhaustion

Saying No with CLARITY leads to focus, effectiveness and fulfilment

To get the balance right requires a compass which aligns to what we value most.

Once we identify these values, it is critical to align our behviours to them. Simply saying our family is important and then working 12 hours days without seeing our children or that we value accountability but keep letting ourselves down through not taking care of our health through exercise, nutrition and sleep is ineffective.

The opportunity costs of saying YES and NO are critical and often unseen.

Going forward pause and consider the following:

By saying YES to _______ (my boss, this request, another meeting…)

I am saying NO to ______(my kids, my health, my availability for a friend)

Let’s have the courage to prioritise all aspects of our lives in order to lead ourselves and others effectively, sustain our energy and achieve sustainable results.

What do you want to say No to more?

What do you want to say YES to more?

Take 2 minutes to write this down and then act. Share your thoughts in the thread. Build your habits.

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