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The lost art of reflection!

It amazes me how little time leaders take to reflect and learn from their experiences. It seems that days blur into weeks, into months and into years and when we finally catch our breath, the holiday is over and we begin the exhausting cycle again with limited learning or changes to our behaviour, performance or...
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The hidden superpowers of micro transitions!

What do you do when you finish a meeting? What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed? How soon do you turn on your device? I often wonder how much more effective, focused and calm we would be if we paid attention, made choices from a place of clarity and prioritised...
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Saying yes no

Saying yes too much leads to overwhelm, stress and exhaustion Saying No with CLARITY leads to focus, effectiveness and fulfilment To get the balance right requires a compass which aligns to what we value most. Once we identify these values, it is critical to align our behviours to them. Simply saying our family is important...
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Racism: Owning or denying our rank and power

I am a white privileged Jewish male on a committed journey of owning my racism, taking accountability for my behaviour and recognizing when I slip into racist thoughts, feelings and actions. I have lived most of my life in South Africa, with its brutal inhumane Apartheid regime. I journeyed into the new dawn of the...
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Getting in the zone!

Getting in the zone is a phrase that we hear a lot in the sporting world-its about becoming focused, clear, being in the moment and generating energy that results in impact. Why don’t we apply the same principles in our leadership, businesses and lives? A simple daily practice with multiplier impact is available yet we...
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The multiplier effect of Appreciation!

Jane (not her real name) was super busy and under incredible pressure when she began her coaching journey. She had complained about having no time for herself, she was working 12 -14 days and finding little space for reflection and thinking let alone unplugging from work. We began to develop simple ways of creating time...
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Can we crush self doubt?

While scrolling through my Linkedin feed I saw an advert for a course which read: Crush your self-doubt-a seminar that promises the elixir that will end our self doubt-forever it seemed to promise. I had an immediate reaction! I got angry, my body pulsing with heat and my breath losing its normal rhythm. What hooked...
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Breath – The ultimate superpower!

From the moment we are born we are given an incredible superpower, one that enables us to self-regulate, focus, be present, perform at our best and continue living! Most of us take this superpower for granted resulting in it being an automatic reflex or function that goes unnoticed, rather than a well-honed superpower that sets...
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Attention-Tuning our radio frequency

1. Attention-Tuning our radio frequency During times of crises and trauma our interior landscape is magnified and amplified onto the lens with which we view the world around us, making it even more critical to build choice and discernment into what we pay attention to and how we choose to focus this attention. The central...
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