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Over the last 18 months, I have had an opportunity to work closely with Gavin Shaskolsky in a
coaching capacity. This has been one of the life changing experiences for me in my personal
development journey.

His insight and listening capability has navigated our discussions into areas of great depth which has left a positive impact on me.

The coaching journey with Gavin has been an amazing experience, the humility he poses enables the commitment to learning and growth, which I must state is remarkable.

It is clear in my mind that the coaching experience is simply a great investment for self-development and broadening perspective and will look for opportunities to get into future coaching partnerships with Gavin.

Thank you for the intentional growth opportunity your coaching delivers.

Kunle Awosika
General Manager, Microsoft Kenya

“I would highly recommend Gavin to any organisation or group that was looking to build team structures in the new economy, drive cohesion within multifunctional business units with staff of varying levels and assisting in developing personal one on one sessions with mid management through to high level executive leadership within the business to help grow them individually and as part of the business structure.”

Neil Robinson
Neil Robinson, CEO, Relate Trust

“Gavin is a trusted coach at our organisation. He shows great sensitivity to his clients and understands the commercial needs behind each coaching assignment. He has the ability to listen to people, be patient and caring but also challenge and confront. This capacity to help people grow and confront themselves, in a manner where they feel cared for, is very valuable. We have seen real business results from the coaching that he has done.

I find Gavin very easy to work with. He just gets it. He would be a valuable asset to any coaching team.”

Henk Struwig
Head of Organisation Development, Investec Bank

“Gavin is an excellent coach and is effective on all levels but particularly at an executive level. He understands the challenges that leaders face and provides them with time to think and a space to focus their minds. He has the right balance of business acumen and psychological understanding to coach leaders to develop themselves to their full potential.

I found my own coaching experience with him incredibly impactful and he has coached a number of key senior leaders in our business with very positive feedback.

Gavin is effective as an individual coach as well as a group coach and manages to tailor his approach depending on individual needs.

I would highly recommend Gavin as a partner to leaders and businesses as he has only ever received positive feedback from all of our employees who have had the benefit of interacting with him.”

Heidi Kornmuller
HR lead, Coronation